DOE Biomass Program Peer Review
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The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Office of the Biomass Program (OBP) will be conducting our biennial Program Peer Review at the Hyatt Arlington, November 14-16, 2005. The "EERE required" review is designed to evaluate the Program’s performance and effectiveness to provide future direction for the Program. The review will be conducted to evaluate the following two levels of the Biomass Program:
  • Programmatic Factors - including the management approach that OBP has designed and implemented to achieve programmatic, economic and technical goals, as well as the studies and analyses utilized to determine the program pathways.
  • Platform R&D Portfolios – including the research portfolio currently funded by OBP. This will include each of the major platforms of research: feedstocks, sugar, thermochemical, products, and the integrated biorefinery.
The Peer Review is used to transparently evaluate the technical/scientific/business merits; actual and anticipated results; and the productivity/management effectiveness of the program through a non-biased Peer Review. The Peer Review emphasizes the importance of gaining input from the broader community of the public, academia, industry and laboratory organizations. The results gathered from the review will be used by the program to strengthen and redirect program activities.

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